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I've had a passion for knives for as long as I can remember but was always frustrated with the lack of high quality and unique knives on the New Zealand market. So a few years ago I started the hunt for brands that where different, where quality was never compromised and there was always an option to make a particular knife really your own through customised blade finishes and handle colours. When Wander Tactical approached me in mid 2018, Alpha Knives was born. It is a marriage made in heaven and just the beginning of what will be an incredible journey.
Welcome to Alpha Knives New Zealand.

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Our Brands

Wander Tactical from Italy

Wander Tactical Customisation

Everybody likes options...

We try to stock what our customers want, however its not an exact science and there will be times when we don't have exactly what you want, but never fear, we can mix things up a bit......there are other blade finishes and handle scale colour options available. If you want something made especially for you, please get in touch and we can walk you through it.

There are some extra charges involved and obviously special pieces are made from scratch so invariably there is a 6-8 week wait time, but life is short so you might as well have what you really want......right?!

This site offers knife aficionados, hunters, fisherman, campers, hikers and survivalists of New Zealand a premium selection of knives from some of the most talented blade smiths of the world.

It is a work in progress......and this is just the beginning!

Opening Hours

We are an online store, so open 24/7. We will endeavour to respond to any enquires, emails, messages or orders within 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you are in Christchurch and wish to view a particular model, please get in touch and I'm sure we can arrange a viewing.

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